Potenza Companies

Coming Winter of 2014
Footz Foundation 7 on 7 Tournaments
Win your spot to play in Arizona Super Bowl Week 2015

What do we do?

Potenza Companies is a business relations firm. The corporation was founded in 2008.

We provide excellent resources  connecting organizations and
high profile individuals in the sports and entertainment industry.

With a strong team and over 30 years of experience combined, we help companies create new models and a streamlined process to
develop a new best practice for their success.
Partnering with Best Buy in MN
Why do we do it?

Potenza Companies believe and support our clients,
partners and sponsors brand.

We have the rare opportunity to work with larger
corporations, major sporting brands and financial
organizations that play a major role in the Wide World of Sports.

We are driven to impact the youth and the sports industry in a positive way!
YoPro fitness event with MN Vikings
How do we do it?

Potenza Companies utilize corporate relationships and
the best talents around to build strong teams and events.

We work with corporations and sports businesses to bridge the
gap for sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

Headquarter is located in Chanhassen, MN.  We have
remote offices in several states throughout the US and Australia.

Super Bowl 2014 STY Event in New York
Currently we are the booking agent, brand manager, and endorsement consultant to DRK aka Da Rich Kidzz.
DRK will perform in NY, ATL, MINN, CHI, and more for their back to school summer fall tour.

For Booking or sponsoring opportunities please contact 800-873-9109 ext 6
For Endorsement opportunities please contact 800-873-9109 ext 8